There are many things you can do to update your home, from new wallpaper and flooring, to new furniture – but have you thought about your windows? Replacing your windows could not only provide better insulation for your property, but it can also present an opportunity to change the look of your home. If you want to revamp your house or are lucky enough to be in the process of designing your dream home, consider these five unique window designs and how great they could look.

1.   Floor to Ceiling

Floor to ceiling windows can create a very dramatic, modern look, and they are perfect for those who love to flood their homes with natural light. Ideal for properties that are situated in areas of natural beauty, where you can look out over the stunning vistas every morning as you enjoy your breakfast. If you like your privacy, however, these types of windows might not be for you.

2.   Bay windows

Bay windows are wonderfully vintage, and they can add some extra space to a room as well. You often see them in period properties, particularly ones from the Victorian era as bay windows were very popular then. They will look good on most properties, especially if matched with some lovely blinds or drapes. If you want to incorporate a cosy, classic design into your home design, consider having bay windows built to achieve this effect. You can find out more about having bay windows added to your home at World of Windows West Midlands, who specialise in a range of window designs.

3.   Circular

Circular windows, or ‘oculus’ design as they were traditionally called, are great for bringing some natural light into smaller spaces, such as an attic conversion or small study. They were a very popular design feature in the 16th century, and are still used to make homes look beautiful. This unique design can be used to make a room look modern or vintage, depending on their placement and finish. Arched windows are equally as effective, and look spectacular in larger homes or apartments.

4.   Picture windows

Picture windows are another design that is ideal for properties in the countryside or beautiful areas. Like the floor-to-ceiling designs, picture windows can offer breath-taking views and frames them perfectly. While this kind of design might not be as dramatic as a floor-to-ceiling window, it does help to provide more privacy which is better for those who want to enjoy the view without feeling exposed themselves. Perfect to have in living rooms, reading rooms/studies, or even a bedroom where you can look out and watch the sunset from the comfort of your bed.

5.   Stained-glass

Finally, stained-glass windows are very dramatic and can be designed in various ways depending on the style you want. While they might appear to belong to days gone by, don’t underestimate the power of a stained-glass window and how it can breathe new life into your home. You don’t have to have the entire window featuring this design, either. Just by incorporating some colour into the overall design can have a beautiful effect that isn’t found in many homes today.

There are many different window designs you can choose from to update your home, but these unique styles can make your property stand out from the rest.

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